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[ˌTHerəˈpyo͞o dik] Adj.
1. of or relating to the healing of disease: “diagnostic and therapeutic facilities”

synonyms: healing · curative · remedial · medicinal · restorative ·
health-giving · tonic · repairative · corrective · beneficial · good

The Therapeutic Effect

A therapeutic effect is a consequence of a medical treatment of any kind, the results of which are judged to be desirable and beneficial. This is true whether the result was expected, unexpected, or even an unintended consequence of the treatment.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is sometimes described as a scientific version of “laying on of hands,” the energy field of one person can substantially affect the energy field of another. The practitioner is said to heal, balance, replenish, and improve the flow of the patient’s energy field, thereby leading to enhanced overall wellness.