It has come to My Attention that Everybody Needs Love, but A Lot of People need Help! And Imma give my 2 cents! LOL

Naw Really, I’ve come thru a lot of things in my life, and I’m still standing strong! Being raised a certain way, being raised in LA, have kids early, making a number of mistakes, Learning from those mistakes and also making a hell of a lot of Great Decisions! I stay Optimistic, but ready to Play Devils Advocate just to make you see the Light! LOL I know I can help somebody see things from another perspective. That’s all it comes down to right? perspective? YOU Act Out What You Feel, right? Your Perspective. I can be a little analytical sometimes, but mostly in my own life, Even tho I don’t put anything Past anybody, I do believe in Giving Everyone a fair chance. I’ve come to a point where I can see where everyone’s point of view comes from, and I can also choose Who and What I want to “Deal” with in MY Life. Going forth, I VOWED MYSELF, not take any Bullshit from Anyone, not even from Family Members that I Love and Respect. Everyone has to learn to Respect the Space of Others, Especially MY Space! And You better BE IN TRUTH when You’re around me, cuz if not, you’re in for Rude Awakening, Look,  I’m so Loveable, and Huggable, I Love Everyone and Everyone does Love ME, but the doesn’t mean that I Don’t get challenged every now and then. Shit, I get tested ALL THE TIME! I don’t know why, every now and then someone comes at me or for me for whatever reason. I know its not because of me, but they just like to take things out on me. Am I too Cute? Do I look like one of the Cute Little Bunnies that you think can’t Bite and Scratch yo ass when it feels threatened? Anyway we’ll get into that. So yeah, If I wasn’t in such a great place, I don’t think I’d be learning anything of have any advice to give, and maybe things can be revealed thru this medium, Who know’s, let’s Role tho.