It’s the Mooost ________-Ful Tiiime of the Yeeear!


Isn’t tho? The Most Stressful, Most Depressing, Most Chaotic, Most Happiest, Most Wonderful, Most What the Hell was I Doing? Time of the Year. LOL.  A Time of Reflection, and Time of Cleansing, Winter Solstice,  Blah Blah Blah

Your Looking at Where Did the Time Go? and Damn I Waisted MY Time on This and That. Next Year I’m Gonna…  We All do it. We ALL say it. And the Key to NOT Looking Like A Fool, is to Learn by ALL of it.

I Personally feel like I made some Good Strides this Year. I Traveled more than Usual and Have Stayed VERY BUSY. I’ve slowly Progressed from Volunteering to being Vice President of PTA, President of AAPAC, and Sitting on Two School Site Councils! I went from Meetings, to Conferences, to going on TOURS! Which Is the MOST FULLFILLING, Knowing that I have a part in the Decisions that are made for OUR KIDS. There’s a LOT that NEEDS to Be Done in the Public School System, and YOU CANT COMPLAIN IF YOURE NOT PART OF THE CHANGE. Anyway, because of MY Involvement with the School District and ALL these Educators, and Smart People, I was Privileged to go on the FOOTSTEPS TO FREEDOM TOUR, which was a GREAT HONOR! To Walk thru History, and See it Face to Face, and Touch It, and Feel the History of OUR PEOPLE, and OUR LAND. It was AMAZING!  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It’s really Hard to Describe in words, it’s just something You’d Have to Experience.  I did make Videos about my Trip and You can find them on YouTube.

Right after that trip, We Celebrated My 10th Wedding Anniversary in My Husbands Home of Belize! We (He & I) have taken a Leap Of Faith on OURSELVES and Committed to OUR LEGACY. Which is a LOT for US and OUR Unconventional Life. (And She Grins, lol)  OUR UnConventional Life… OUR Close friends would know what that means. We Plan on Doing Things Very Different than Most, then again, I know there are Many of Those that are on OUR Same Wave, That we just need be connected to so We can all Rock the Boat Together.

And Even THO A Plethora of LOW Vibrational Klansmen (you know those sneaky people that try to act like they like you and they’re your friend but behind closed doors, they’re doing everything they can to Sabbotoge Your PROGRESS, and I use plethora because even one person putting a stick in your spokewheels, will cause a nasty nasty accident), anyway, those Klansmen TRIED to Thawrt OUR FOWARD Movement,  I’m still Closing My Year Out, Back in the Studios, Back on the Sets, In front and behind the Cameras… Somehow, it ALWAYS goes back to That. And Now I can add Pageants to My Coaching Resume, and I’m Definitely ALL Good with THAT.

Now that the End of YOUR Calendar Year is coming up, What have YOU REFLECTED ON? Have YOU really been Paying Attention? Are YOU HAPPY with YOUR POSITION? Were YOU, YOUR BEST?

As the Winter Solstice approaches in the north, we notice the changes: the days of light are shorter, the darkness is longer, the weather is cold, the trees are bare, and snow is often on the ground, in some places, but not at my House! Although, we did get a tiny bit of Snow in MoVal about 9 yrs ago, Anywho.

It’s a Time for Rest, to Hibernate. Take a Cue from Nature. Go Inside, not just Physically, but Mentally and Spiritually AS WELL. The Days are shorter for a reason, the opposite of Summer when we’re Out all Day and Night. The Nights are Colder, More reason to Cuddle Up Next to and Spend more Time with FAMILY.  And by this time of year, YOU should be going over ALL the Good Memories, and Desiring to Recreate them or Out Do them Next Year. Just one day, Think of the things YOU DID WRONG WITH A RATIONAL MIND, and let it be the last day you go over in your head what went Wrong,  after that spend all the rest of your making better and correct moves to do the OPPOSITE next year.  Be Present in Your life, Plan, and hold yourself Accountable for that Plan.

A Time for Revelation, Whaaaaat! YOU HAVE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE for the part you play in Everything. As you can See, there’s a WHOLE LOT being Revealed in 2017. Especially in PUBLIC. (Referring to the Hollywood Sex Scandals). Times are definitely changing, and ALL that is Conjured in the Dark, Gets Revealed in the LIGHT. The Natives (MY Melanated Brothers and Sisters) are Restless Everywhere, and the Revolution MAY or MAY NOT  be Televised. The Uproar of Civil Unrest will reach its Peak very Soon. And I Hope Everybody find themselves on the CORRECT side of the Fence when it all Falls Down. What I’ve seen is a lot  of Fence Straddlers, people that play Both sides. Say one thing and then Do a 360 and then say something totally OPPOSITE.  It’s been really eye opening, and proof to the fact that Everyone’s Heads and Bodies are being played with All over the World, thru Food Sources, Water Supply, Air, Drugs, and Environment.

This is a time for Cleansing, as well. Get rid of all that Raggedy Baggage. Go into 2018, Light on your Feet, Too MANY of YOU GUYS and GALS CARRYOVER  Negative Energy into a Clean Space. A Clean Space… the space that hasn’t been OCCUPIED YET. The FUTURE. Cleanse YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND, YOUR SPIRIT Even. Be COMMITED TO BE BETTER. When you commit to be a better You, Everyone around YOU, will Either move out your way or Jump on the Band Wagon. When you Commit to do right by YOU, Everything Else just Falls into place.

So Take this Time to Pull Yourself Together, Sit Quietly In the Dark, Affirm who YOU ARE. And Make the Most of The MOOOST WONEDRFUL TIIIME OF THE YEEEAR!


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