How much do you LOVE YOURSELF?

DAMN LIFE IS HARD! But not all the time, I guess.  The past year has been very challenging! In home and socially. One more than the other, but still challenges, non the less. The good thing is how much I continue to learn about the life we’re here to live. And if you do it right, you can do great things with your life.

This years journey, is only half way accomplished. I’ve grown so much spiritually and it’s an amazing feeling.  I’ve made and am still making fabulous connections and I’m ready to step out and expand my philanthropic endeavors, and transform my business, which means transforming myself.

I get a lot of questions about my life, my marriage, my health advice. I’ve come to find that some people value my opinion. And believe me when I say that I was surprised.  I was surprised to find out how many people was watching me.  For good and bad reasons.  But in it all, I realized that I DO, know a lot, and I have been thru a lot, and I can share a lot, and therefore someone could learn a lot.  I REALIZED that Having LOVE , Being LOVED, and GIVING LOVE, makes all the difference in a person’s WILL to Live. LOVE.

LOVE, simple but hard, right? It’s hard to love when someone’s hurting you. Or when you’re going thru wordly things. But if you LOVE YOURSELF you can get thru anything. Anything. Anything, Anything, Anything.

Anything. Absolutely Anything.
Self love will take you to paradise on earth. Self love will having you so high, can’t no body bring you down.

But you got to LOVE YOURSELF. It’s something we learn the minute you come outside of the womb.  Wow.

We yearn for the closeness of another being. But have to learn to Love ourselves. 

Out here on planet we learn a lot of things.  Mostly how to live on this earth. How to control these bodies, is one of them.  How to move, how to eat, how to speak. Unfortunately, we forget.  By the time we become our own adult, we forget the basics we learned about our bodies, our speech and our diets! To busy trying new things, that end up making us sick and going back to the basics in order to live longer. 


Simple but complex, limited and infinite, the basic component to getting thru this life. 

LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE LIFE and the experiences that it brings, LOVE possibilities, LOVE the contrasts, Love the realizations, just LOVE and watch what happens. 




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