Only Fifteen minutes…


Watts Up y’all…  Sadity Here. Yeah, Like whaaaat. Ok , so my husband and I were in conversation and he made a statement that stood out to me. Well what is that, you must ask?… 15 minutes. Yep, normally I block him out but when he said this, it  kinda struck something. 15 minute huh? Ok. well I’ve been wanting to blog, journal, chronically record my endless journeys, right? But I always feel like I don’t have time. Like really the things I would like to vent about, could take waaaay longer than 15 minutes. Anyway, I figure if I could just take those 15 minutes, and jot down what I can at the moment, and stop trying to be all perfectionist like, then I would’ve been sharing with you guys a long time ago. No’wa what I’m sayin!

So yeah, I promise to myself to make a better effort, because I have an awful lot to share with you all! As a woman, a black woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a friend, born in these here United States of Fuckery! There’s a lot that I’ve learned and I think you deserve to go on this journeys with me.

Why do I need a blog? Aren’t there enough out here? Well maybe, but I tend to think that my mind works  a little differently from others, you know? I analyze things and I want to know why things are the way they are. I have a unique approach to the way and the why I do things, and one thing I can say about myself is that, I’ve learn from every mistake, failure and success . I know that I’m not done, learning, growing, failing, and being successful. I know all things we experience are for growth, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, so Shit … some could just say I’m well seasoned, and someone  could learn a lot from me.  Anyway. Some say I’m just a Housewife, others say I’m just Sadity… and I say… I’m all HER! Smooches

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